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Collection: Abstract Paintings

You have come to one of our favorite categories, abstract painting. Abstract art is easy to explain but hard to understand. Why? Because it doesn't portray a clear subject to see and understand. It asks for your input to fill meaning in these colors, textures, shapes, and lines. 

Engage yourself in the lively and captivating minimalist simple abstract art brought to life by top-reviewed artist Miguel Camarena. In this particular collection, located in Cave Creek, Arizona, his bold brushstrokes and dynamic composition evoke curiosity and brighten up the visual feast!

From sharp colors to vibrant textures, bursts of color to geometry, Camarena's artwork is a testament to his powerful artistic expression. Experience the delightful display of abstract landscapes paintings and others.

Why Is Abstract Art So Popular?

It is fascinating to see how abstract framed wall art allows each viewer to build their own perception of the piece. 

It can get challenging for a while because your brain only sees what it wishes to see. But once your mind and heart connect with the art, you instantly feel a deeper connection. It provides new perspectives on the world for you to consider.

One more reason that comes to mind for declaring abstract art so popular among other art forms is that it gives maximum creative freedom to both artists and viewers. 

Being an artist, you can literally play with colors, shapes, and textures. Just let your creativity flow!

Revealing Geometric Wonders In Abstract Art

Geometric references in abstract paintings produce a visual symphony that defies categorization. Artists use geometric shapes, lines, and patterns with precision and purpose to instill order and balance in their works.

These features serve as the foundation for an engaging visual language, bringing viewers on an exploration and interpretation journey.

Modern geometric abstract art evokes a captivating sense of structure while still providing an opportunity for individual perception and emotional resonance, from the peaceful repetition of squares and circles to the dynamic interaction of triangles and polygons.

abstract painting with acrylics

Illuminating The Unseen Dimensions Of Art

Abstract art is well-known for shedding light on the unseen dimension of art. Created with a perfect balance of colors, textures, and shapes to deliver something extraordinary that goes beyond conventional artistry. 

Artists and viewers can often communicate through abstract neutral art, which reveals hidden meanings and emotions. Due to the lack of a clear subject, viewers are able to experience their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Emotional Connection With An Abstract Painting

We do understand that, like everyone else, you might also be wondering what abstract painting on canvas is. We got you!

Due to its subjective nature, it lets the viewer make their own interpretation of the artwork. Without any clear message or subject, you’re left with no choice but to create your own emotions, experiences, and imagination!

From the point of view of Miguel Camarena, when he paints abstract figures, he expresses his emotions and state of mind without having to clearly explain them. 

The moment we feel and resonate with abstract art, we genuinely feel a deeper connection with the art and the artist.

Beyond The Ordinary 

Color, form, texture, line, pattern, and composition are all important in abstract art. Trying to figure out what a picture is about can be difficult. The good news is that it allows people to attach their own meanings to a design or composition.

Own A Masterpiece!

Don’t we all just look for subtle ways to own art without having to go broke? I mean, who doesn’t love abstract art? Now, you can own an abstract painting (oil or acrylic) in an easily affordable manner by getting it giclee painted on canvas.

Want to own an original masterpiece? Reach out to us and Miguel can create a custom one-of-a-kind piece for you. Visit our gallery if you reside near Scottsdale or Phoenix. Else order your favorite art online.


  • What is the purpose of abstract art?
  • The core purpose of abstract art is to evoke imagination and connect emotionally with the viewer. This art form allows every individual to build their story from what they see in it.

  • What is abstract in painting?
  • Abstract art is an art that does not seek to convey an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead achieves its effect via the use of shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks.

  • Is abstract painting modern and costly?
  • The designs displayed here are reproduced from original paintings and are available¬†as giclee prints on canvas. This is why these are affordable options for everyone. If you are interested in an original piece by Miguel Camarena please feel free to reach out!