How To Hang Paintings On The Wall Without Nails - 20 Ways

Hanging wall art helps you personalize your space and express your style. This makes your space look lively and cozy. But sometimes, it is not an option to nail your walls. There could be several reasons, such as a rented home, rapid changes in wall decor, newly painted walls, or fear of mistakes while hanging art. 

Luckily, many other options are available to hang paintings on the wall without nails. From using adhesive material to utilizing your existing racks,we have proposed many solutions that will ease your interior decoration goals. All these methods are affordable and easy. 

Using Adhesive Materials

Apply Adhesive Hooks

They are designed to hang lightweight items on walls without the need for nails, screws, or drilling. These hooks are generally made of plastic or metal and backed with an adhesive surface that sticks to the wall. Here is how to use them:

Adhesive Hook

  1. Clean the wall for dust and debris with a wet cloth.
  2. Let the wall dry completely. Don’t stick to the wet wall.
  3. Peel off the protective backing of the hook.
  4. Sick it firmly by pressing it against the wall.
  5. Now hang wall art.

Remember, these hooks are not meant to lift heavy weights or large wall art. See the packet for the recommended wait, and then use it accordingly.

Mount Command Stripes

This is our favorite method of hanging paintings. Command stripes are a lifesaver when you are looking to carry a bit of weight. They are available in various sizes and holding capacities. Use it as per your frame weight requirements. With these strips, you can increase the weight capacity much more compared to adhesive wall hooks. Here is the method to use command stripes. 

Mount Command Stripes

  1. Remove all of the metal hooks from the back that are, by default, attached to the frame.
  2. If there is tape already affixed to secure the board with the frame, avoid attaching the command strip to the tape; instead, use it on the wooden or MDF sheet surface.
  3. Using a wet cloth, clean the back of the frame and wall for any dust. 
  4. Let the frame and wall dry completely.
  5. Now separate the pair of command stripes.
  6. It has velcro on one side; put two stripes together to snap the velcro side.
  7. Now, affix the adhesive side to the frame. If it's a medium-sized frame, attach two strips on both sides. For a heavier frame, you can use four strips. Or you can use as many as needed to ensure your satisfaction.
  8. Remove the backing from the wall side of the command stripe.
  9. Place the frame on the wall and gently press it for a few seconds. 
  10. Removing them is super easy; pull the adhesive below from the downside, and it will come out completely clean. 

Attach Velcro Strips

These strips are the alternative to command stripes. They work the same way. There are two types of Velcro strips available: adhesive and non-adhesive. You can use the adhesive one and repeat the same process mentioned above to hang your wall art.

Velcro Strips

Affix Heavy-duty Double-sided Tape 

Double-sided tape also serves the purpose of hanging the paintings. But it cannot hold the frames quite well. This option is helpful when you want to hang an unframed canvas. Hanging the frame with this tape can come off, and there are always chances of paint stripping off. 

Heavy-duty Double-sided Tape

Install Umbra Sticks And Wall Hooks

This self-adhesive wall series of wall hooks is perfect when you want to hang multiple wall art pieces in a single line. Originally designed for coats, bags, and caps, these hooks offer a clever solution for displaying wall art. Especially when you want a gallery-style display, the umbra ensures neat and clear organization. 

Umbra Sticks And Wall Hooks

Use Canvas Hangers

They are specifically designed for hanging canvases. You cannot hang the frame through these hangers, but canvas. Canvas hangers work well with a variety of wall textures, such as painted walls, metal, painted concrete, laminate, finished wood, tiles, and any smooth surfaces. A single hook can hold up to 3 lbs. 

Canvas Hangers

Use Wooden Hangers

For rolled art, wooden hangers are the ideal solution. They not only save on the expense of framing painting but also look chic on the wall, giving your canvas a framed art appeal. However, they do require installation on the wall. To accomplish this, you can use adhesive hooks to securely and conveniently hang the wooden hangers and display your artwork with ease. These hangers are lighter in weight than the framed art.

Wooden Hangers

Install Picture Rail Hanging

When the purpose is to decorate several pieces of art with minimum nailing, then installing a picture rail hanging is something you should go for. You can hang as many artworks as you want, along with different decorative items. With a rail running along the top of the wall, you can easily adjust the height of your artwork without putting new holes in the wall.

Picture Rail Hanging

Create Cork Roll Wall 

Cork rolls are flexible sheets made from cork. Cork is a natural material derived from the bark of cork oak trees. This sheet comes with adhesive, which you can stick to the wall. You can then hang multiple pieces of artwork of your choice. It gives your wall a unique texture with a natural and warm background.

Cork Roll Wall

Use Decorative Tape

The simple and smartest way is to stick your art directly to the wall. We know it doesn’t look appealing, but there is a smart way to make it look versatile. The method involves using decorative tape to create a visually interesting display.

Decorative Tape

Non-Adhesive Material Wall Hanging Ideas

If using adhesive materials is not to your liking, there are various alternative options to decorate and display your artwork. Here are some other interesting methods to showcase your art.

Miguel Camarena Art Gallery Collection

Picture Rail Molding

It smoothly merges with the ceiling, making it challenging to locate as it can be misunderstood as part of the ceiling itself. The primary purpose of this rail is to provide a hanging system for artwork and other decorative items. The molding allows for easy rearrangement of art without putting holes directly into the wall. Picture rail molding is often used in the creation of gallery walls. Further, molding hooks are used to chain the artwork. 

Rail Molding

Utilize Your Bookshelf

If you have a bookshelf that looks boring, then you can transform it into an aesthetically pleasing space while keeping it functional as well as decorative. Take some time to remove unused books and make space for your frames. This simple adjustment can turn a plain space into a modern-looking area.

Utilize Your Bookshelf

Lean The Art Against The Wall

If you have an empty top surface, consider leaning your art on it. This can apply to furniture like a dresser, console, TV rack, side tables, etc. Find the right spot and arrange your decor in an organized manner, with wall art leaning against the wall. This approach allows for the display of small to large wall art pieces.

Lean The Art Against The Wall

Use An Easel

Easel is a portable and modern style of displaying your art. Today, many lightweight, movable, and adjustable easels are available on the market. You can fit the light-to-heavy frame art on an easel and display it wherever you want in your home. 

An Easel For Artwork

Place Large Artwork On The Floor

There is no better way for tall canvases to be placed on the floor. Adhesive hooks, strips, and other options do not support hanging large wall art. There is only one way to hang them, which is to stand the painting against the wall. This type of setting also blends smoothly with the rest of your decor.

Art is placed on the floor

Use A Pegboard

Although this option is not entirely nail-free, it can minimize the use of nails. Firstly, you have to mount the pegboard first on the wall with a few screws. Then you can place your art wherever you like. This board requires the use of pegboard hangers to hang your decor.

Use A Pegboard on a wall

Apply Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint is ideal for walls where lightweight art needs to be hung. However, it may not support heavy magnets. Instead, small refrigerator magnets can be used to secure your art on the wall. The paint is typically available in charcoal color.

Magnetic Paint wall

Utilize Cloth Pins And Paper Clips

Using clothespins and paper clips to hang paintings is a creative and budget-friendly solution. For your miniature art hanging, you can opt for this solution. If you're hanging multiple paintings using this method, it can contribute to a quirky and unconventional gallery wall. Use adhesive hooks to hold the string from both sides.

Cloth Pins And Paper Clips art hanging on the wall

Get Wire Grid Stand

Grid stands typically have a grid of evenly spaced bars. Many grid stands come with adjustable hooks or clips. This allows you to hang a variety of paintings in various styles. The clean lines and geometric design of a grid stand add a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

Wire Grid Stand

Use Ladder Shelves

Ladders look exceptionally good when styled and arranged thoughtfully. They are trending and can give your space a modern or traditional look. Set art on your ladder aesthetically and feel the magic it creates. 

Ladder Shelves

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Hanging paintings without nails is not difficult; however, the method you choose depends on the size and weight of the artwork. For small and light painting frames, you can go with adhesive hooks, velcro strips, command stripes, double tape, and canvas hangers. If you have large or heavy paintings, then you should go with an easel, rail molding, utilizing dressers and shelves to lean art, using ladder shelves, and even keeping the large paintings on the floor.

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