Renting Art For Staging In Arizona

What Is Art Staging?

Art staging for real estate strategically places carefully selected artworks in a property listed for sale. It improves aesthetic appeal, evokes an emotional response, establishes a distinct ambiance, and makes the home stand out, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. This strategy gives the property individuality, professionalism, and distinctiveness, which might lead to a faster sale at a better price.

Types Of Fine Art Staging For Rent

You can find tons of categories regarding diversity in our artwork. Miguel Camarena has painted all his life, capturing the essence of the Southwest's nature, culture, and history. Our rented artwork has helped many real estate professionals to showcase the property's aesthetics to their potential buyers.

We lease original art for commercial display at staging events for real estate purposes. You can connect with our team to discuss your requirements for the perfect artwork. 

What Kind Of Art To Display In Home Staging?

The staging art you display in the house should complement the place's theme and style. For a better overall impact, match the colors of the walls with the staging wall art you bring to hang. If unsure, abstract flowers and landscapes look great in any home. Otherwise, you can always consult with us.

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Rent Exclusive Paintings By Miguel Camarena

If you want your real estate property to get noticed, get high-end art for real estate staging by Miguel Camarena Art Gallery. Renting art for staging would be an amazing opportunity for you and your real estate property to get a beautiful enhancement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy staging art for real estate?

You can visit Miguel Camarena Art Gallery in Cave Creek, Arizona, or check our official website to book decorative arts for real estate staging on rent. We have a wide variety of artwork for you to choose from.

What is the cost of renting art for staging?

Fees for renting are 10% of the total cost of the piece per month for giclee prints on canvas and 5% per month for original paintings. 

Can you make custom sizes for elite staging and artwork rentals?

Absolutely! Along with our free consultancy, we also offer customized canvas sizes for specific spots so that your real estate property looks its best.