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Our showroom is located at 6220 E Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, Arizona 85331. Open 7 days
a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Feel free to call or text (480) 595-2671 with any questions, or
send us an email at camarenamart@gmail.com.

Miguel Camarena Art Gallery' Inside Photo

Miguel Journey Through Art

Ah, the man of the hour! Miguel Camarena is a visionary artist and expert in all styles of art from contemporary, impressionistic to abstract. His artistic soul and wild passion for creativity makes Miguel one of the top artists in Arizona and the world.

His brushstrokes tame nature and wildlife. He has always been inspired by nature and wanted to express his vision so it could reach the whole world.

Miguel Camarena invites you to immerse yourself in a universe where fantasy and reality mix perfectly, leaving an unforgettable mark on the canvas of your spirit with each stroke.

Our Services In Arizona

Custom Prints And Orders

We accept customized and personalized orders. Additionally, all our Giclee prints are available in various sizes. We also offer a hand embellishment service to add colours that perfectly complement your wall theme.

Art Consultancy

With decades of expertise in the field, we understand what art, theme, colour, and size will perfectly suit your space. Our specialized team of artists is ready to visit your location and provide expert art consulting, whether it's for your home or office. We welcome all your artistic requirements.

Wholesale Art

We also entertain bulk orders for original and Giclee prints. With our large setup, we can meet your large-scale art requirements. Whether you're seeking paintings for hospitals, restaurants, museums, hotels, or resorts, we are dedicated to fulfilling your artistic needs.

Renting Art For Staging

Are you aiming to sell your home at a premium price but need help finding exquisite art for aesthetic home decoration? Fret not! We offer art for staging to Arizona homeowners and real estate brokers to meet all your home decoration requirements.