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The success of an office and its people doesn’t only depend on their performance; it is also a function of their work environment and atmosphere. The simplest way to do that is by incorporating professional-looking office wall art decor. 

This is because wall art won’t take up any physical space and will just get hung on the walls. Wall art can showcase a multitude of different kinds of designs, ranging from natural landscapes and motivational pieces to much more.

Types Of Wall Art That Can Be Used In An Office Setting

Wall art for an office consists of a range of different options, such as these:

  • Abstract Art

One can never go wrong with abstract art. Abstract art uses shapes and blends of colors to create something that doesn’t have a single meaning. Instead, it encourages the viewer to imagine and form its meaning. The meaning varies from person to person.

Abstract art is normally a big hit in an office setting. It makes the space look formal, yet it still adds a rich flavour. There are different themes and styles in abstract art, and you can decide which one fits perfectly within your space.

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  • Nature And Landscapes

Nature is an art genre that resonates with everyone. It consists of landscapes, animal portraits, and plant paintings. It depicts themes of vastness, beauty, and spirituality. Above all, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and fits perfectly in an office setting.

Nature and landscape art provide a reminder of rewards—that after doing good work at the office and succeeding, you’re now eligible to treat yourself, take a break, and spend time with nature. 

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  • Motivational Art

Motivational art can be a great catalyst for influencing your employees. It can be anything from self-help quotes to paintings that depict courage, persistence, and commitment. Some employees do this on their own; they will pin something on their cubicle wall that motivates them.

A running horse can be a great catalyst for motivation. It can impart feelings of strength to the viewers. Similarly, a raging bull can also invoke power and vitality. It can also be a motivational quote or a piece of art, or it can simply be a picture of their family that acts as a big motivating factor for them. 

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  • Local Art

Another way to decorate your office space is by incorporating local art from the community your office is based in. It can be a good way to support and give a sense of belonging to the local community. For instance, if your office is located in Arizona, you can decorate your walls with Arizona desert landscape art. 

Professional Office Wall Art

Apart from the original paintings and prints on canvases, wall paintings can also be done directly on the office walls. In office cafeterias or social spaces, things like sculptures and murals can be added, which enhance the beauty of the space.

  • Employee Art 

Employees are the most integral part of a company. Many companies have adopted the ‘people first’ culture, and as a part of that, they can add paintings made by the employees. It will give employees a sense of belonging.

A special space can be designated where employees can add their artistry. Just like a notice board for important circulars and information, a corkboard can be set up for employee artwork.

  • Company History

Paintings and artwork that depict the company’s culture and mission statement can be a great way to act as a reminder, rather than just putting it in words and statements. 

A portrait that exhibits what the company’s core values are is a smart way to communicate with the employees using an engaging medium. It can work more effectively than just words.

  • Custom Art

Custom art can be made by artists depicting a company’s wins. It can be something like a company’s biggest deal, a portrait of its founder, or a depiction of the company’s roots. For instance, a cool 3D visualization can be made of the company’s recent performance, depicted in a bar or a line graph.

How To Set Up The Perfect Office Wall Art

Wall art for an office is broad, and countless themes can be incorporated. However, other important elements come into play here.

  • Color Schemes

When incorporating artwork into an office space, color schemes are vital. The painting should fit within the overall interior of the workspace. Art experts know of colors that work well with each other and can help you decide what type of art to choose. 

It is important to bring these factors into play. Otherwise, a good painting might not fit well within a space. Before buying the painting, a simple consultation can help with setting up the perfect artwork. The color of the frame should also match the overall color theme.

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  • Size And Layout

Just like color schemes, artwork size and layout are other important factors. A big painting for a relatively smaller space might not work too well, just as a smaller painting for a bigger space would become ineffective. 

It is important, hence, to consider the size proportions while setting up a painting in an office setting. Experts can do that. They work mathematically and can help with the proportions. Similarly, the frame and its width should also be carefully chosen.

  • Ideology Behind The Art

Not every type of art can be used in an office setting. Whether it’s an abstract or a landscape artwork, it has to have a meaning behind it. Some artworks might not feel related, but they have a deep meaning behind them. 

For example, a Pueblos painting doesn’t seem to have any connection with an office space. However, the founder of the company might have the company’s roots coming from it and hence has significance.

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  • Wholesale Prints

Another thing that can be done to create a streamlined wall art experience throughout the office space is to buy wholesale. This will not only ensure uniformity among the designs but can also cut you an extremely reasonable deal.

Based in Arizona but offering art all over the world, Miguel Camarena Art Gallery is the perfect place for such art. Prints on canvases are present, starting from as low as under $100. The basic theme of Miguel Camarena Art Gallery is nature and consists of horses, cows, plants, flowers, scenic landscapes, and much more. Apart from this, he also does customization and commission work.

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  • Consultation With An Expert

One of the most important elements of a perfect office art space is working with an expert and using all their knowledge. Factors like the color schemes, size proportions, and what type of art to choose are all very important.

An expert has studied and has been in the industry for a long time. Miguel Camarena Art Gallery’s roots go back many decades. Its paintings are usually nature-specific because of the love for nature. Their absolutely free consultation is something that’s a no-brainer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of art is best for an office?

A lot of different kinds of artwork can work in an office setting. The art genres perfect for offices include abstracts, landscapes, and motivational pieces. These include things like natural art and animal portraits that can work as a motivational source for the employees.

How to pick the best size proportions and color schemes for your office art?

Size proportions and color schemes are essentially important while selecting art. Not every size and color can work, and hence, it should be matched with the interior it’s going to be placed in. Expert consultation can be a great way to achieve the best designs.

How to set up wall art for a work-from-home office setting?

Art for a home office is incorporated to make the space more appealing. This can be done through wall hanging art or put in a frame on the workspace table. The art genre can be a landscape, a nature-related art piece, or anything personal that motivates you. 
It can also be a motivational piece or an inspiring quote. Now that work from home has become abundant, and people work on computers and laptops, art can be incorporated into their laptops as wallpapers and home screen designs.

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