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Captivating Fine Art Giclee Prints on Canvas Paintings

If our paintings have brought you here, then there must be something that is keeping you hooked and thrilled to explore more!

Let us take you through this entire collection of giclee prints on canvas, where you get to experience the magic happening in real life! 

Imagine yourself in an art heaven where creativity knows no boundaries. You’re stunned and fascinated by these vibrant paintings on canvas. You can almost feel as if the painting speaks to your mind and heart. 

Now, what if we told you that all these masterpieces are reproduced to such a fine quality that you won’t be able to distinguish between the original and the print? That’s the magic of giclee prints!

What is Giclee Printing, And What Are Giclee Prints?

Just like many others, you might also not be completely familiar with the term “giclee printing” on paintings, and that’s okay! When put simply, it is a fusion of art and technology. 

‘Giclee’, a French word meaning “to spray” or “to squirt,” refers to the process of applying ink/paint on the canvas or paper during the printing process. This is a state-of-the-art printing technique that is implemented to produce the highest quality artwork. We have latex printers designed specifically for the purpose of fine art giclee prints. We hope to have explained the giclee definition in detail.

What Is Giclee On Canvas

It basically refers to the printing process of giclee on canvas instead of traditional printing paper or any other material. Canvas is the most commonly used base when it comes to smooth giclee prints to maintain pristine quality and reproduce the original design.

How Are Giclees Made?

Before we persuade you into owning a giclee print on canvas, let us take you through the process of how these giclee art prints comes to life!

This process entails high-resolution latex printers and archival-grade materials. A simple overview of how exactly giclees are produced:

  • Image Capture: We start by capturing the original artwork with a series of high megapixel pictures from a top-of-the-line high-definition camera. This helps us capture the accurate results of an original image.
  • Color Calibration: This refers to the calibration of colors from an original image, ensuring fidelity and precision. When needed, we make fine adjustments and corrections. 
  • Printing: Now, latex printers, particularly designed for fine art giclee reproduction, are at work! These printers commonly use 8 - 12 ink colors to achieve an accurate color palette from the original design.
  • Substrate Selection: We use archival-grade material for the longevity of the giclee canvas prints.
  • Quality Control: After the giclee painting has undergone the whole process, we make sure to carefully inspect the quality of the print. It should be a replica of the original artwork.
  • Finishing Touches: Once we are done with the overall process, it’ll call for a few final touches like varnishing or framing to accentuate their appearance if requested. 

Unleash The Magic of Vibrant Colors and Exciting Designs

We’re still in awe of what giclee printing is capable of! It can literally do wonders in the artistic community, replicating every single brushstroke and intricate detail. 

Explore our “Prints On Canvas” page, which displays tons of design catalogs. Each design expresses imagination, inspiration, and observation

Art Comes to Life!

Welcome to a whole new world where technology brings art to life before your very eyes.

At Miguel Camarena Art Gallery, we love to play with colors, designs, and styles. Our gallery is a hub for precisely capturing the essence of an original art piece and presenting it in a new avatar. 

How Can I Carefully Preserve A Giclee Print?

There’s no science involved. It’s really simple! 

These giclee prints are of the best quality and professionally sealed to be able to withstand many elements. However, to ensure the longevity of giclee canvas prints try to avoid direct sun exposure over a long period of time to ensure they don’t fade. 

Regular dusting and soft handling will keep your paintings in pristine condition.

It’s Never Too Late to Own A Masterpiece!

From vivid landscapes to striking portraits, every giclee painting will bring light to your personal space, allowing you to embrace the beauty of art. We, at Miguel Camarena Art Gallery, strive to meet your expectations and help you find the best artwork for your collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to accurately reproduce an original artwork?

With advanced technology and superior quality printers, we can evidently reproduce original artwork with intricate details and meticulous color shades. It’s really, really hard to tell the difference!

Are giclee prints subject to limited sizes?

Giclee prints can be printed on different sizes of canvases according to your requirements, ranging from small, medium, and large giclee prints on canvas. 

What is the value of canvas giclee printing in the market?

Canvas giclee prints are gaining massive popularity around the world. It’s definitely an affordable option to acquire your favorite designs and upgrade the interior of your place.

Can you customize or personalize my giclee print?

Absolutely! Just let us know your requirements about color adjustments, desired size, etc.