Top Art Galleries In Arizona

Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

This art gallery is featured by the renowned artist Miguel Angel Camarena, who illustrated Hollywood movie posters at the start of his career. He also does illustration projects with different big companies, such as NBC, T.V. Guide, and Warner Brothers. This art gallery specializes in a variety of artists, such as sunset painting, contemporary art, visual art, custom art, donkey art, and abstract art of all types. Prices of artworks in the Miguel Camarena Gallery start from $20 to $30,000. If you’re looking for traditional and original art, then Miguel Camarena Art Gallery is the top art gallery in Arizona that has these types of artworks. It is located on Cave Creek Road in Arizona and is considered the best Cave Creek art gallery.

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Image Courtesy of Miguel Camarena Gallery 

Image Courtesy of Miguel Camarena Gallery 

The Marshall Gallery

The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art boasts a diverse collection of exceptional art—contemporary, traditional, and southwestern. Visitors come from all over the United States to purchase fine art in their stunning showroom. Horse paintings on canvas are their best-selling artwork in their gallery. The gallery hosts several exhibitions each year, plus a biennial glass invitational that attracts top-notch talent. The Marshall Gallery achieved prominence for its leading contemporary oil painters and sculptors, mostly from Utah, a little-known haven of fine artists. DeeAn soon married Peter Strub, who would help her create a gallery that would reflect the consciousness of art, as art separates humanity from the rest of creation. They display exceptional art in their open-spaced gallery, where you can walk freely without any hitch. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Image Courtesy of The Marshall Gallery 

R. Pela Contemporary Art

 R.Pela Contemporary Art Gallery opened in 2013 as an intimate venue for showcasing the works of established and emerging contemporary artists. The art gallery is featured by Robrt Pela, an experienced local curator and columnist for the local newspaper Phoenix New Times who, throughout his career, has helped raise the profile of several Phoenix-based artists. The gallery's grand opening exhibition featured a variety of oil paintings, such as sunset paintings, abstract art, desert paintings, blue donkey paintings, and much more. This gallery is located on West McDowell Road in Phoenix, Arizona. The gallery opens each month on the first and third Fridays and by appointment.

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Image Courtesy of Miguel Camarena Gallery

Modified Art Gallery

Kimber Lanning opened Modified Arts in 1999 and developed it into a respected gallery and prominently recognized venue for live music and performance. In 2010, husband-and-wife team Kim Larkin (director) and Adam Murray (associate director) succeeded Lanning and transitioned the space into a full-time contemporary art gallery with select, curated musical performances. They always wanted to provide an open and accessible space in which local, national, and international artists and collectors could gather. Modified Art Gallery rapidly became a respected downtown Phoenix arts and performance venue, and after a succession of different owners over the years, Kimber resumed her role as gallery director in 2012. Modified Art exhibited painter Jonathan Howards’s Temporal, a series of urban streetscapes, sunshine paintings of Tuscany, and lonely desert vistas. The gallery is located at 407 East Roosevelt Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Image Courtesy of Modern Art Gallery 

Eye Lounge

Eye Lounge is a contemporary art space and artist-run collective established in 2001 to nurture the talents of well-known and emerging artists based in downtown Phoenix. A prominent fixture on the Phoenix art scene, the gallery was a founding member of the city’s Roosevelt Row art district and was named part of the Best Underground Art Scene by a local paper. Maintaining its links with the Phoenix arts scene, the artist collective currently includes local talents Anne Morton, who works with materials to explore issues of homogenization and marginalization, and conceptual artist Lee Davis, who experiments with comical abstraction. Eye Lounge has recently exhibited Mikey Estes’ Somewhere in Between, sculptural collages exploring mundanity from a queer perspective, and Bill Dambrova’s The Body Believes in Images, psychedelic and intricately detailed illustrations celebrating events—such as cell regeneration and electrical impulses—that take place in the body and mind. Eye Lounge is located at 922 North 5th St., Phoenix, AZ.

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Image Courtesy of Eye Lounge 




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