How To Find The Value Of Your Art Prints

Art prints are a revolution. Who doesn’t want to own a masterpiece from Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso? That’s right. Everyone wants them. But there used to be some barriers in the way of getting them, one of which is still true: how expensive they are. Only the richest of the rich can afford to buy them.

Another barrier was their exclusivity. There was one piece available in the whole world, which made it even more rare. But now, with the advent of all the new printing techniques, anyone can own that masterpiece. 

How To Find The Value Of Art Prints

In addition, some art shops sell art prints of lower quality at high prices. You need to determine a reasonable price for the art piece so that you are not overcharged. Next, the question is: How do you find the value of art prints? For this, we have curated a guide that will help you analyze the value of them. This guide is helpful for both buyers and artists. So, let's jump to our topic. 

What Are Art Prints?

Art prints are high-quality renditions of an artist’s original paintings. The most common type of art print uses latex printers and is called a giclee prints. Art prints are different from ordinary posters that don’t have such high quality and are mass-printed using low-cost materials.

The main difference between ordinary and giclee prints is that giclee prints offer detailing of every brushstroke and the texture of the colors on the prints, just like the original art.

What Are Art Prints

Through art prints, it is now possible for the artist to sell multiple copies of the same painting endlessly and for the buyer to get any piece they want. They are just like original paintings, and a layperson can't easily differentiate between the two. 

They are also presented using frames and all the elements of an original painting, but at a much lower cost. Official art prints also have stamps and signatures that give a feeling of authenticity.

What Affects The Value Of An Art Print

There are a lot of factors that guide the price of an art print. 

  • The Artist

The first factor is the artist and the price they want for their print. If they're world-renowned, they will likely sell their prints at a higher price point than the market average.

Pricing also depends on the individual art piece. An artist could have some expensive prints and some cheaper ones, depending on how much they value a particular piece. If it's a very famous piece, its art print would be more expensive than that of a less famous art piece.

  • Limited Editions Vs. Open Editions

Even with art prints, there are a limited number of official copies, which makes the per-piece cost more. Some artists like Miguel Camarena offer their prints as open editions, which means that there will be unlimited print copies available for their artwork for as long as Miguel decides to continue to reproduce them.

  • Quality Of The Print

Another important factor is the quality of the artwork. Some art prints are hand-printed through the process of lithography, while others are printed on a latex printer. The value of hand-printed art is often higher than that of art printed on latex printers. Also, both have varying qualities but offer a top-grade end product.

Moreover, there are many other hybrid techniques where a print would be modified further to get even better quality. An example of this would be hand embellishment, where an artist adds a few more brushstrokes as a color and theme requirement to give the painting more of an original and desired look.

High quality prints are hanged on the wall

  • Authenticity

Some artists hand-brand their prints with their stamp or signature, which gives them a more exclusive look and feel. In some cases, the artists would send a postcard-like note to the buyer, which would give them a feeling of belongingness. Factors like these make the cost of the art print higher. Some artwork, like those created by artist Miguel Camarena, is exclusively reproduced by him, making it easier to identify and value.

  • Presentation

Just like original paintings, art prints can also be sold with frames. There are many different types of presentation options offered by artists. While buying online from a website, artists might offer all these different options at checkout. 

Three framed prints

  • Value Of The Art

If the art piece is famous, its subsequent art print would be more expensive than the industry average. Similarly, if the art piece holds any political or cultural significance or is influenced by recent events, that would make it even more expensive. 

  • Size And Resolution

The cost to print a bigger piece would be higher than that of a smaller piece. Similarly, the resolution also makes a big difference. A smaller art print for a bathroom would be of a lower cost than if the same piece of a bigger size were to be printed for use in a living room.

How To Determine The Value Of Art Prints

The most important factor in determining the price of an art print is obviously what the maker wants for that piece. If they think it’s exotic and should be of x price, no one can stop them from doing that. The following factors determine the value of art prints:

  • Art Valuation From Auction Houses 

There are many auction houses out there that offer to sell art prints. Entities like Christie’s and Sotheby's are big auctioneers where art pieces are sold at reasonable prices. Moreover, you can look at what these auction houses do and how artwork is priced here to get an idea of the market.

Art Valuation From Auction Houses

  • Specialized Market Analysis

If you want to buy an art print and are curious about whether its price is reasonable or not, you can do a market analysis to see if that price is reasonable or not. Looking at similar artists and artworks on the market gives some good insights into whether or not the piece you like is priced decently. 

  • Help From Expert Consultants

You can reach out to art galleries and studios and ask them for help. A simple message to an industry expert on their personal LinkedIn profile inquiring about whether this price is okay can get the job done. Studios like Miguel Camarena Art Gallery or the Smithsonian Institute in the US can help you on this journey.

  • How Much Do You Like The Art?

Last but not least is the value and importance that an art piece holds in your mind. If this piece is one of a kind and there are not many in the art industry that offer this kind of work, a higher price point shouldn’t be a concern. 

Some Artists Who Offer Art Prints

To put a reasonable price tag on your prints and to get an idea of the market, you can look at artists and galleries that offer similar art pieces.

  • Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

Located in Arizona but digitally throughout the globe, Miguel Camarena offers both original works and art prints. His original works are priced at upwards of $30,000, but art prints of these pieces can be bought for as little as $100. You can also contact the gallery to get a consultation about the price tag you should offer for your prints. Also, Miguel Camarena’s artwork is available exclusively for purchase online through his website or in-store in his galleries.

Art prints available at Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

  • Banksy

Originally from the UK but with a global online store, Banksy offers a wide range of art prints. Moreover, they also offer high-quality custom printing services that you can get for your work. In your contact with them, you can ask for a suitable price range for your art print as well.

Art Prints at Banksy

  • Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama, originally from Japan and has been in the industry for several decades, is a household name in the art industry. Yayoi Kusama offers a wide range of different types of art pieces for every kind of space imaginable. Their range of art prints is one of the best in the world.

Art Prints at Yayoi Kusama

  • Andy Warhol

Originally from Pittsburgh, Andy Warhol has been recognized as having some of the most famous art prints in the world. He has worked on Marilyn Monroe and marketing posters for many brands, such as Coca-Cola and Campbell's Soup.

Art Prints at Andy Warhol


Having your art prints priced in a decent price range isn't hard. Through all the sources mentioned above, you can work out an average price you can set for the artwork. After doing your analysis and knowing about the market, you will identify a reasonable price tag for your chosen art prints.


Where to buy/sell art prints?

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy consist of many kinds of art prints. As a seller, they can directly link up with your online store and offer you a great audience for your artwork.

Is it better to sell original art or prints?

Generally, original artworks are much more valuable investments than art prints over time; however, for simple decorating purposes, prints are a great option.

What is the standard print quality?

The recommended resolution for prints is 300 DPI (dots per inch). Anything lower than that might look okay on a computer screen but will get blurry when printed out on a canvas. It is, therefore, advised to keep the size of the final product in mind and how it will be used in a setting while making or printing your artwork.

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