How To Choose Art For A New Home In Arizona

Decorating a new home is the dream for every person, but it requires time and effort to decide which decorations to place on which walls or corners of the house. In addition, finding the perfect idea to achieve an aesthetic look is another hassle. Wall art is among the top choices, especially if you are new to Arizona. It is always a challenge to find the best art that not only enhances the beauty of your walls but is also affordable.

So here is the complete guide on how to choose art for a new home in Arizona. Whether you are a new homeowner or just want to renovate your home with a new vibe, these art suggestions are perfect for all. We bet your guests will never resist praising your art choices for your new home. So let's begin.

Factors To Consider While Buying Art In Arizona

Buying art isn't as easy as it sounds. Sure, if you're an eccentric millionaire, you could make this decision in a second or through just a single phone call. But if you're an art collector who loves attention to detail or someone who wants to decorate your home with art that fits perfectly, you'll take your time doing the research and all the necessary SOPs before buying any art piece. When it comes specifically to Arizona, we have jotted down some factors that come into play while buying art.

1. The Hot Arizonian Climate

Arizona has one of the most unique atmospheres and landscapes in the world. The climate is mostly hot and dry, so the paintings should be made with materials that can withstand such temperatures. Oil paintings and acrylics have good durability against heat, so they can be a decent consideration if the paintings are to be kept in Arizona.

While buying such art, you should consider Arizonaā€™s desert hues, the Arizonian flora and fauna, the ecstatic Grand Canyon, and all that Arizona has to offer.

How To Choose Art For A New Home In Arizona

2. Local Artists Represent The Best Of Arizona

When buying art that depicts Arizona, it is imperative that you first consider the local artists. This is because the local artists will be the ones who are most familiar with the place and will depict Arizona the best. Moreover, this will also support the local community and its economy.

There are only a few artists that make Arizona art. However, the best Arizonian art still comes from artists within Arizona, whether it be wall paintings, sculptures, tapestries, photography, ceramics, or any other kind of artwork.

3. Southwestern Style Is The Most Prominent In America

Arizona depicts the special wild west of America. From the longhorns and cowboys to the iconic Saguaro cactus and the beautiful Sonoran desert, this place offers the best of the southwest.

Southwestern art for living room

Southwestern art is an important consideration because if you want your art to represent Arizona, there is nothing better than the southwestern vibe. It is not only because Arizona is home to the southwestern style, but also because the southwestern art pieces are unique and look extremely exquisite.

4. Personal Connection And Taste

While all of these considerations are important, it is also essential that you choose an art piece that you like the most. Whatever type of art piece it may be, it is imperative that you, yourself, like it first and foremost because it will be used for your purposes.

If you've spent time with longhorns or in a desert in the past, it can be a case that you've built an association or deep connection with these subject matters. Hence, you should buy from this particular segment of Arizona-based art rather than the more renowned pieces like those of the Grand Canyon or cactus-related artworks.

Artwork for living room in Arizona

5. Color Combinations Set The Main Tone

A very important factor to consider is the space where the artwork will be placed, the color scheme, and what the interior looks like. Art that represents Arizona mostly has vibrant hues and color schemes. If you want your space to look warm, you can go with pieces that have a combination of red, yellow, and orange colors. If you want a cooler space, you can opt for more vibrant colors like purple, blue, and green.

There are artworks in the Arizona market that have both these types of color themes and hues, along with many dynamic options, incorporated into them.

Hallway artwork in Arizona

6. Size And Scale Make Everything Look Factually Correct

Another factor to consider is the size and scale of the painting against the wall or the interior it's going to be placed in. Both have to be directly proportional to each other.

If your room is small, you can opt for a relatively smaller painting. But if your room is large, a larger painting would look more suitable in such a space. You can also get consultations from an interior design expert who will guide you about the best colors and size considerations for your artwork.

7. Last But Not Least, The Budget Is One Of TheĀ Important Things To Look AtĀ Ā 

Art is usually expensive. In order to find affordable art, you can dig deeper and find sources like local art galleries and fairs, online websites, and beginner artists. A very common thing available these days in the art market is the print-on-canvas category, where artists make high-quality, original-looking prints of their paintings.

This means the same painting can now be sold to multiple people at an affordable price and in various sizes. Prints on canvas are exponentially cheaper compared to original paintings. For instance, a print of an original painting costing more than $10,000 could be bought for as little as $100. This way, you could buy a lot of paintings while still staying within your budget.

For A New Home

All of the above factors are important when selecting artwork for your new home. If you want to set up all the rooms and spaces with wall art, it is important to notice that for specific rooms, there have to be specific paintings.

For instance, your living room should have a large painting or a combination of smaller paintings that cover the space well. Your bedroom should have artwork thatā€™s calm and relaxing. Your kitchen can have abstract pottery or food-related art. Your bathroom should have paintings that are made of water-resistant and moisture-proof materials.

Artwork for kitchen

Some Great Options In Arizona

Many artists and art galleries in Arizona exhibit the great American Southwest culture. The most notable ones include Miguel Camarena Art Gallery, Thomas Muran, and James Turrell. Out of these, Miguel Camarena Art Gallery is one that's known to depict the most versatile range of Arizona.

Miguel Camarena Art Gallery has paintings from the artist-owner Miguel Angel Camarena, who has spent most of his life in Arizona and has a deep connection with the Arizona vibe. His artwork consists of dynamic Oatman donkeys, the vast Sonoran desert, the towering Grand Canyon, and the majestic longhorns. He has also painted pueblos, flamenco dancers, andĀ horses in his work. He also has a wide range of prints on canvas that are offered at affordable prices. In addition, he also gives expert consultations to people looking for artwork.


Choosing artwork for a new home can be a daunting task. Different rooms in the house and different types of interiors need specific art pieces that would work best. This is the reason why proper research needs to be done before making the purchase.

An easier route could be outsourcing to an expert or getting consultation about what type of art to buy. Buying all the art pieces from one art vendor could mean that you can get a discounted bulk price. Or you could work with an expert consultant like the Miguel Camarena Art Gallery, who would assemble all the different types of art pieces you need.

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