Best things to do in Cave Creek Arizona

Best thing to do in cave creek arizona

Cave Creek is found in Arizona Maricopa country, just a short distance north of phoenix. The population of the town is around 5000, but on the main days of the tourism season, it is boosted because Cave Creek and nearby Carefree provide an excellent base for exploring the wider region.

Cave Creek has a clean & natural environment and the air quality is slightly cooler than in phoenix. There is a bundle of day trips available as well as immediate attractions. If this starting to interest you here are the best things to do in Cave Creek that will increase your interest further.


Cave Creek Regional Park

If  you’re looking for fresh air and exercise places then Cave Creek regional park is the best place to visit. This is the 3000-acre park that is located at an elevation that varies between 2000 & 3000 feet. On the top of the mountains, there is a very amazing view for sunset painting. Best spot for hiking take a mountain bike or ride a horse there is something special for you in this park.

The Go John Trail is arguably the most popular of its routes, covering a distance of  just under 6 miles in a loop. The views along the trail, or indeed, anywhere in the park, are spectacular and there is an inevitable feeling of being miles away from civilization.

If  you prefer a shorter trail, take Slater Trail, which is just half that distance. If you are interested in history, you may like the trails that go out to former gold-mining sites.


Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

Miguel Angel Camarena began this art gallery he is a renowned artist in Arizona. He aimed to teach tourists about the art and culture of Arizona through his artwork. He exhibits early times and modern times history in his artwork. 

The famous Miguel Camarena collection features a variety of different donkey paintings which are very popular in cave creek. All paintings are in high-quality giclee prints on canvas and you can buy them from their online store.


Fortnite Town

This recreation of a Wild West town is great fun. Most frontier towns consisted of a main street that ran the length of the town and this recreation is of that design. You can see the gallows where outlaws and murderers would be hung in public and Boot Hill where the dead were buried.

There are plenty of good photo opportunities to get pictures of yourself and the family in “Wild West” surroundings.

Shops in Frontier Town sell a range of interesting souvenirs for your visit to Cave Creek. Jewelry, clothing and general trinkets are available to buy before you leave.


Wild At Hurt

The wild at heart has become the savior of many raptors. Some will never return to the wild because of the likelihood that they would not survive, but others are healed and returned to the Sonoran Desert.

It is rare to be able to get close to birds of prey, yet you can at Wild at Heart. It is essential to book your visit in advance, and you will be welcome because the clinic plays an educational role as part of its mission. Clinic staff also visit schools to spread the word about raptors.

Rare Earth Gallery

Nature is a great artist. The materials, textures, and colors that it has created are numerous and at Rare Earth Gallery, you will see several fantastic examples of this. If you are looking to get something for the home or office that is a little different, you may well find what you are looking for in this Gallery.

Creating works of art from what nature has provided is a challenge and the Gallery has many items that seem to have met the challenge. Wander around and see for yourself.


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