12 Best Things To Do In Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek is found in Arizona's Maricopa County, just a short distance from Phoenix. The town's population is around 5000, but on the main days of the tourism season, it is boosted because Cave Creek and nearby Carefree, Arizona, provide an excellent base for exploring the wider region. With its classic old cowboy western vibe and artistic community, you’re sure to find something to do for everyone!

Cave Creek has a clean and natural environment, and the air quality is slightly cooler than in Phoenix. There are a bundle of day trips available as well as immediate Cave Creek attractions. 

How Far Is Cave Creek From Scottsdale?

The distance between Cave Creek and Scottsdale is 23.48 miles (49.89 kilometers) by car, taking the AZ 101 Loop route. If you drive nonstop, the distance between Cave Creek and Scottsdale is 38 minutes.

Now, here are the best things to do in Arizona to further increase your interest.

1. Cave Creek Regional Park

Cave Creek Regional Park

Cave Creek Regional Park is the best place to visit if you're looking for fresh air and exercise. This is a 3000-acre Cave Creek Park, Arizona, located at an elevation ranging between 2000 and 3000 feet. On top of the mountains is an amazing view of sunset landscapes. This is the best spot for hiking trails in Cave Creek, AZ. Take a mountain bike or ride a horse; there is something special for you in this Cave Creek regional park campground.

The Go John Trail is arguably the most popular of its routes, covering just under 6 miles in a loop. The views along the trail, or anywhere in the desert awareness park, are spectacular, and there is an inevitable feeling of being miles away from civilization.

If you prefer a shorter trail, take the Slater Trail, which is just half that distance. If you are interested in history, you may like the Cave Creek Trail rides to former gold-mining sites.

2. Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

Miguel Camarena Art Gallery

Miguel Angel Camarena established this art gallery; he is a renowned contemporary artist in Cave Creek, Arizona. He aimed to teach tourists about the Cave Creek art and culture of Arizona, especially Arizona's desert landscapes, through his artwork. He exhibits early and modern history in his artwork. 

The famous Miguel Camarena collection features various donkey paintings, which are very popular in Cave Creek. All paintings are high-quality giclee prints on canvas as well as originals done in either acrylic or oil paint. You can purchase them in store or  online from their official website.

Donkey Paintings Collection Collage

3. Frontier Town

Fortnite Town

Welcome to Cave Creek, Frontier Town! This recreation of a Wild West town is great fun. Most frontier towns consisted of a main street that ran the length of the town. You can see the gallows, where outlaws and murderers would be hung publicly, and Boot Hill, where the dead were buried.

There are plenty of good photo opportunities to get pictures of yourself and your family in “Wild West” surroundings.

Shops in Frontier Town sell a range of interesting souvenirs for your visit to Cave Creeks in Arizona. Jewelry, clothing, and general trinkets are available to buy before you leave.

4. Wild At Heart

Wild At Hurt

The Wild At Heart is a rescue and rehabilitation center for lost and stranded birds and prey located in Cave Creek, Arizona. It has become the savior of many raptors. Some will never return to the wild because of the likelihood that they will not survive, but others are healed and return numerous times to the Sonoran Desert.

It is rare to get close to birds of prey, yet you can at ‘’Wild at Heart''. It is essential to book your visit in advance, and you will be welcome because the clinic plays an educational role as part of its mission. Clinic staff also visit schools to spread the word about raptors.

5. Rare Earth Gallery

Rare Earth Gallery

Nature is a great artist. The materials, textures, and colors it has created are numerous, and at the Rare Earth Gallery, you will see several fantastic examples. If you want something different for the home or office, you may find what you are looking for in this gallery.

Creating works of art from what nature has provided is a challenge, and the gallery has many items that have met the challenge. Wander around and see for yourself.

 6. Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride

Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride

You don't want to miss this, one of the most fun things to do in Phoenix. No matter if you are going as a couple or with a family of children or teenagers, If you're visiting Cave Creek, Arizona, anytime soon, then a Phoenix hot air balloon ride is a must! We have never seen anyone come home without this unforgettable experience. You'll also have a breathtaking view of the Sonoran Desert from up there.

Although it's not exactly in Cave Creek, Phoenix isn't that far either. It starts in the early morning. As you know, the weather in the early morning is calmer than the rest of the day. 

When you reach the spot, the staff and an experienced pilot will welcome you for a safety briefing and provide careful instructions. You may ask questions if there's any doubt in your mind.

You'll be asked to step in once your balloon is heavily inflated and ready to take off. The moment your hot air balloon lifts from the ground, we guarantee you a ticklish feeling in your stomach and a hint of nervousness. Floating through the air with the wind in your face is magical. 

If you were wondering about things to do in Cave Creek az, you know it now!

7. The Buffalo Chip Saloon And Steakhouse

The Buffalo Chip Saloon And Steakhouse

Good food should also be your top priority since you've planned so many activities on this trip. No place can beat the exotic flavors of Buffalo Chip Saloon and Steakhouse. 

It is a highly popular and lively dine-in place in Cave Creek, Arizona. The food here is, of course, delicious, and the ambiance is Instagram-worthy!

Along with good food, you can enjoy live music and vivid lighting, adding charm to your evening. It is said to be an ideal spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a lively atmosphere with line dancing, bull riding, and western entertainment. 

The Cave Creek Steakhouse serves mouth-watering steaks and many other exquisite items on the menu that will elevate your dining experience. They also host special events with pre-bookings and reservations, along with decor according to your event. It's a must-visit for Buffalo Chip if you're looking to experience the Western spirit of Cave Creek.

8. Cave Creek Museum

Cave Creek Museum

If you're into exploring the rich history, culture, and traditions of Arizona, then Cave Creek Museum has to be on your go-to bucket list. You'll be amazed by the heritage and artifacts of this place.

This museum is in the heart of Cave Creek, surrounded by go-karts and mini golf. Witness the gorgeous villas as you enter the area. This museum is designed and placed according to the early times of the era, as evidenced by photographs, documents, and narrations. You can find the cultural significance of Native American communities in this museum.

9. Desert Foothills Library

Desert Foothills Library

The Desert Foothills Library is located in the foothills of a desert region. It is open to locals and tourists, as it counts as a valuable resource for knowledge and an everyday hobby. You can find a wide range of books, novels, periodicals, multimedia materials, etc. 

You don't only have to go there to read but also to attend different events and educational workshops that take place in the library. The owner of the place aims to promote learning along with creativity and innovation. It's all about cultural engagement with the local community.

10. Jewel Of The Creek Preserve

Jewel Of The Creek Preserve

The Jewel of the Creek Preserve is a natural gem in a scenic landscape. Visit this spot for a referring view of lush vegetation, exotic wildlife, and a winding creek that adds to its beauty. 

Hiking paths, nature walks, birding, and chances to see diverse plant and animal species in their native settings are available to visitors to the Jewel of the Creek Preserve. It is a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers since it gives them a getaway from city life and a chance to interact with nature.

11. Dragonfly Trail Cave Creek

Dragonfly Trail Cave Creek

The Dragonfly Trail in Cave Creek holds significant importance in our list of "Things to Do in Cave Creek." It is a popular hiking trail that allows tourists and locals to stroll around the beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. The Dragonfly Trail was named after the abundance of dragonflies that can be spotted in the area during certain seasons.

Hiking along the Dragonfly Trail will allow you to witness a variety of desert flora, such as saguaros, ocotillos, and chollas, as well as fauna, such as birds, rabbits, and reptiles.

12. Harold's Cave Creek Corral

Harold's Cave Creek Corral

Harold's Cave Creek Corral is a historic restaurant and bar in Cave Creek, Arizona. It will remind you of the Old West with its cowboy-style interior and antique saddles. The place offers mouth-watering southwestern and American cuisine food, including barbecue, steaks, and Tex-Mex dishes. 

You can also enjoy live country music and dancing on an open-air patio. If you're planning for a pleasant evening dinner, this makes it an ideal spot on the list.


What is Cave Creek, Arizona, known for?

Cave Creek, located in the desert foothills, is a heaven for outdoor adventures, cowboy history, and live music. Pull into any parking lot in Cave Creek, and you're likely to see a Tesla, a Harley, and a horse (all securely secured to a hitching post, of course).

Is Cave Creek expensive?

Housing costs in Cave Creek are 163% higher than the national average, while utility bills are 3% higher than the national average. The cost of transportation, such as bus fares and gasoline costs, is 7% higher than the national average. Grocery costs in Cave Creek are 0% cheaper than the national average.

Why is it called Cave Creek?

Cave Creek was named after a little creek that travels southwest for 25 miles before reaching Paradise Valley in the hills to the northeast. The creek was named for a steep, overhanging bluff along its west bank, which forms a huge, open cavern approximately two miles north of Cave Creek.

How far is Cave Creek from the airport?

Phoenix International Airport (PHX) is 28 miles from Cave Creek. The total distance traveled is 34.4 miles.

It’s a Wrap!

Cave Creek, Arizona, is full of surprises and pleasant experiences for an individual or a whole group. You just needed some great suggestions, such as Cave Creek Regional Park, Miguel Camarena Art Gallery, Fortnite Town, Wild At Heart, Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride, The Buffalo Chip Saloon, Cave Creek Museum, Desert Foothills Library, Jewel of the Creek Preserve, and Dragonfly Trail Cave Creek.

This is not it. There are many, many other places in Cave Creek, Arizona, that you can visit with your family, friends, or solo. 

We hope you have a great time here in Arizona, and we'd love to share more things with you.

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