14 Of The Best Arizona-Themed Souvenirs And Gifts

What’s so special about Arizona? Why do there have to be Arizona-themed gifts and souvenirs? Both of these questions have the same answer. Arizona is a place known to offer America’s extensively rich southwest culture and heritage.

From the vastly stretched Sonoran Desert to the monumental Black Mountains circumferencing the majority of the Arizona landmass, this place exhibits a multitude of flora and fauna. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, there is the iconic Grand Canyon, which is something completely extraordinary.

When people visit Arizona, it can be a great chance to not only explore this rich geographical and cultural lineage but also buy gifts from Arizona to take back home. If you spend more time here, you build a special association with this place. These souvenirs can be for yourself as a reminder of your time spent here or for your friends and family, educating them about the beauty of this place.

The Best Arizona-Themed Gifts And Souvenirs

While you can simply rely on finding a gift or souvenir that catches your eye the most, there are still some options that depict Arizona the best.

Saguaro Cactus-Themed Items

Native to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, this particular cactus is the unofficial symbol of Arizona. On the other hand, the saguaro blossom itself really is the official state wildflower of Arizona. Cacti represent endurance, courage, and power in the face of adversity and, hence, can be a great choice for a gift.

Saguaro Cactus-Themed Items

From miniature Saguaro plants as table decor pieces and cacti-themed candles to real-life-sized multifunctional Saguaro sculptures, these have been used avidly throughout the world for home decor. A few of these can be found in gift shops in Arizona, but a huge range of variables are present online on websites such as arizonagifts.com and amazon.com.

Saguaro Cactus-miniature plants

Arizonian Paintings And Sculptures:

Whether it be a full-sized wall painting of the Grand Canyon or a sculpture of the iconic Saguaro cactus, these look so beautiful that it’s hard to resist buying them. A lot of artists are known for painting and making Arizona art. Some only paint in an Arizonian theme, while others only have a few art pieces dedicated to Arizona.

Arizonian Paintings from local artist

An extremely notable artist who resides in Arizona and devotes a large collection of his work to Arizona is Miguel Camarena, the owner of the Miguel Camarena Art Gallery in Cave Creek. His work ranges from Sonoran Desert landscapes to the iconic Oatman donkeys and the beautiful Agaves portrayals. All of these are available online and can be bought and shipped to wherever you want.

Desert-Inspired Clothing

Clothing never goes out of style. A lot of Arizonian clothing merchandise, such as t-shirts, caps, trousers, and jackets, is available at shops and online. Some of these are embellished with cacti logos, while others have imprints of the Grand Canyon, representing the best of Arizona. Some other great options include outdoor gear and leather crafts.

Desert-Inspired Clothing

Local Food And Spices

On your way back from Arizona, you can buy southwestern spices, mixes, hot sauce, or salsa, depending on what you like the most. This can be a great souvenir for your friends and family because they will get a taste of Arizona from hundreds and thousands of miles away. Some native options include Crockett’s Desert Honey, olive oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill, Route 66 beer, and Sonoran hot dogs.

Local Food and Spices

Arizona-Themed Books

There are many fiction and non-fiction books out there that give a great taste of Arizona. Books like The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey and Vanished Arizona by Martha Summerhayes are all-time hits. Another great book that will take you on an expedition through the Grand Canyon is called The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko. Books that include pictures and interesting facts about Arizona could also be a great souvenir.

Some other great non-fiction books include The Arizona Cookbook by Al Fischer and Arizona: A History by Thomas E. Sheridan, which give a deeper taste of the Arizonian culture.

Arizona Cookbook covers by Al Fischer and Arizona A History by Thomas E Sheridan

The Authentic Cowboy Hat 

One of the most symbolic Arizonian souvenirs is the classic cowboy hat. This might be the best item on this list of souvenirs because of its traditional significance, practical use, and sheer beauty. Everyone likes a cowboy hat and wants to have one, which is why this is a great option for a gift.

The Authentic Cowboy Hat

Handmade Pottery

The locals rely on the influx of tourists in many parts of Arizona. Their bread and butter is the tourist money. Hence, most of them work in small cottage industries and make souvenirs, one of which includes pottery. A diverse range of products are included in pottery and are useful gifts for people.

Handmade Pottery

Cactus And Scorpion Candies

Candies from the Cactus Company can be a great gift because cacti represent Arizona, and these could be used as presents for not only the kids but also the adults. Another unique treat is the truly one-of-a-kind scorpion candy. And yes, they do actually contain a real scorpion! Don’t worry, they are not dangerous, as the stingers have been removed.

Cactus and Scorpion Candies

Wine Made From Agave

Originally from Mexico, this wine is made by fermenting blue agave. This is done to retain the flavor. The taste of this wine is a lot like tequila. For a liquor lover, this could be a great gift. A lot of companies have a lot of different variations of agave wine, but the most notable is La Quiere De Oro Agave Wine.

Wine Made From Agave

Cosanti Bells

Another very famous item to be used as a gift, these can be bought in Arizona at any local decor shop. Unlike other hanging bells, the ones in Arizona have some traditional southwestern vibes attached to them and are a great gift.

Cosanti Bells

Scents And Skin Tonics (made or inspired by desert plants)

Perfumes and body liquids never go out of style. These are present everywhere, but Arizona is also home to some native scents and skin tonics. These can be bought from any local store in Arizona.

Scents and Skin Tonics (made or inspired by desert plants)

Sedona Red Rocks

The red color in the Arizona mountains is very special. The name of this particular rock is hematite. When it goes through iron oxidation, this vibrant red glow appears. Different artifacts can be made using these rocks. People’s responses to such gifts from Arizona are different because they find them more valuable than the conventional items found at shops. One of the most notable towns in Arizona known for its red rocks is Sedona.

Sedona Red Rocks

Route 66 Memorabilia

Route 66 is one of America’s most popular roads and runs through a number of US states. It’s one of those things that’s recognized throughout the world. Arizona is a major stop-by on this highway and comes toward the end of this route.

Route 66 Memorabilia, keychains and mugs

Almost everyone loves Route 66, not only because of its significance and use but also because it offers a breadth of landscapes and places to visit. This is the reason why Route 66 souvenirs and mementos are great gift options.

Native American Jewelry And Handmade Products

America has a rich indigenous history, and Arizona, in particular, has a special linkage with the natives that used to live here. Their way of life and style were totally different. These days, it’s seen as iconic and vintage, and it's liked a lot. Products that replicate the Native American culture are a great option for a souvenir or a gift for someone.

Native American Jewelry and Handmade Products


Arizona is a place extremely rich in history. It has a lot to offer. A trip like no other can be planned for Arizona, and it will offer a wide range of landscapes and breathtaking scenery. There are a lot of options in terms of souvenirs and gifts for you to take home for yourself as well as your friends and family.

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